Welcome to the UK ECO Flex Scheme

The impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is likely to see increases in the number of people facing fuel and […]

Posted on Feb 07, 2022
Welcome to the UK ECO Flex Scheme

The impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is likely to see increases in the number of people facing fuel and heating concerns due to the volumes of people being left unable to work, as well as those who are already on low incomes. With the message this year to ‘stay at home’, more and more people will be in their homes throughout the colder months, making it all the more important that they stay warm.

What Is the ECO Flex Scheme?
Sunderland City Council aims to help those experiencing fuel issues through its ECO Flex Scheme, providing help to a wider range of people who could otherwise be facing a cold winter at home.

But what exactly is the ECO Flex Scheme and what are the benefits?
The ECO Flex Scheme is an initiative from Sunderland City Council, which aims to help tackle fuel concerns, while also seeking to reduce carbon emissions.

ECO Flex Scheme

Those who are eligible are able to apply for a grant to receive a new boiler or improved insulation solutions.

Unlike the ECO (Energy Obligation Scheme), which provides grants to those who are on benefits, the ECO Flex scheme can help those on low incomes too. The grants enable Arktek to carry out the work, providing the right solutions to the homes that need them the most.

Who is it aimed at?
The Sunderland ECO Flex Scheme is targeted at those who don’t receive benefits, but are on a low income, and are either vulnerable to the effects of a cold home or are facing rising fuel and energy costs.

• Live within a Local Authority priority area and live in a cold home
• Are in receipt of Council Tax Support and live in a cold home
• Employed and/or pensionable low-income household (combined income of less than £28,400 per year), and living in a cold home
• Are diagnosed as suffering from a certain health condition exacerbated by living in a cold home and in receipt of low income (combined income not exceeding £32,000 per year).

If you think you satisfy the above criteria, then contact Arktek to see if you’re eligible for the scheme.

What are the benefits?
There are many ways that households with cold homes can benefit from the ECO Flex Scheme. According to Sunderland City Council, the scheme can provide grants for:

• Cavity wall insulation
• Underfloor Insulation (to help with dual measure eligibility)
• Party wall Insulation (to help with dual measure eligibility)
• Loft insulation
• Solid wall insulation
• First-time central heating to replace for example old broken electric storage heaters
• Replacement gas boilers for broken heating systems
• Heating upgrades (for example to replace a broken back boiler with a wall-hung condensing combi boiler)

It’s important to note that if your home only needs a replacement boiler, you might be expected to pay a customer contribution, which will need to be paid upfront.

These types of measures can improve the insulation of a cold home, making your heating more efficient, and reducing the need for it too. A warmer home will benefit your health in the winter months, something that is particularly important if you suffer from a health condition or are considered vulnerable.

A well-insulated home is more energy-efficient, providing benefits to the environment in addition to the cost and quality of living benefits for your home.

These issues can affect a lot of people, and it’s likely to have been quite severe this winter. With restrictions and lockdowns set to continue through the winter months, families and individuals can face increasing pressure to heat their homes throughout the day, when many already struggle with their existing energy costs.

Where can you get more information?
If you’re interested in finding out more about Sunderland City Council’s ECO Flex Scheme, their website has some useful resources that provide further information about eligibility.

Meanwhile, Arktek has a dedicated email address for queries relating to ECO Flex – ECOflex@Arktek.co.uk, and a dedicated phone number 0191 516 6910. Arktek is able to carry out the services above, helping you find the most appropriate heating solutions for your home.

With schemes available to help tackle fuel poverty in Sunderland, make sure you explore the ECO Flex Scheme and put it to use if you think you can qualify. Arktek’s professional providers can help you make significant improvements to your home’s heating and insulation for a warmer winter this year.