Tork Washroom Wipes and Dispensers

Tork Washroom Wipes and Dispensers
Offering a wide range of products, Tork ensures you can keep washrooms clean and hygienic, whilst also reducing maintenance costs. With options to suit high-traffic areas, workplaces and luxury bathrooms, our range of washroom wipes and dispensers provides everything you need.

Tork Washroom Wipes and Dispensers

Washroom Dispensers
Designed to offer seamless functionality, our range of washroom dispenser is perfect for handwash and soap, wipes, paper towels and even air freshener. As well as providing an easy and effortless dispensing action, all of our products are optimised to deliver sustainable and low-cost maintenance options.

The Tork Twin Mid Size Toilet Roll Dispenser, Tork Jumbo Toilet Rolls Dispenser T1 and Tork Folded Tissue T3 are well-suited to high traffic areas, for example. Furthermore, each design is created to minimise excess usage.

The stub roll feature of the Tork Jumbo Toilet Rolls Dispenser T1 ensures paper is always available, whilst optimal roll brake prevents paper from littering the floor. The slim capacity of the Tork Folded Tissue T3 means it can be used everywhere, while the one-at-a-time dispensing mechanism can reduce consumption by up to 30% when compared to conventional options.

When it comes to paper towel dispensers, the Tork range offers a suitable option for every washroom. To discover the range in more detail, simply visit Whether you’re looking for simplicity and ease of use or ultra-hygienic options, we have the perfect product to meet your needs.

The Tork Centrepull Paper Roll Towel Dispenser is user-friendly and minimises usage, whilst still giving users the freedom to take as much as they need. Alternatively, the Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser enhances washroom hygiene by enabling users to only touch the paper they will use. For an even more advanced solution, Tork Matic (Elevation) Hand Towel Roll Sensor Dispenser uses the latest technology to ensures users can access paper towels without touching the dispenser.

Combined with our reliable handwash dispensers, such as the Tork Dispenser Soap Liquid Dispenser, you’ll find it easy to choose the perfect selection of dispensers for your washrooms.

Washroom Wipes
To keep your dispensers working perfectly, you’ll want to ensure they’re stocked with great quality wipes. At Tork, we’re committed to providing a cost-effective selection of washroom wipes and consumables. Suitable for every environment, we offer a range of wipes to suit all types of dispensers.

The Tork Wiping Paper Plus combi rolls is a multi-purpose option which is ideal for hand drying and mopping up spills. Available in 2-ply, the blue version is approved for food contact, whilst the white is ideal for washrooms and other areas.

Alternatively, Tork Matic® hand towel rolls work effortless with our dispensers and offer a QuickDry feature for easy handwashing. In environments where running water may not be readily accessible, the Tork hand cleaning wet wipes provide a quick, professional and hygienic solution.

Whether you’re looking for centre feed toilet rolls, interfold hand towels or durable wiping paper, we’ve got the ultimate selection of washroom wipes. To find out more, get in touch with Tork Products and Washroom Supplies today on 0191 4108668.

An Emergency Electrician in London

An Emergency Electrician in London

Having problems with your electrics is difficult enough as it is but finding a reliable electrician that can come out at short notice who doesn’t charge extortionate call out fees can be even harder, especially within big cities, if you need a 24 hour emergency electrician London based Al Amin Electrical is definitely worth calling.

With no call out fees no matter what time of the day or night and a fully qualified team that are well equipped to deal with any type of electrical problem for both businesses or residential customers they aim to offer a top quality round the clock service every time.

With a wide portfolio of previous work including providing services to offices, shops, restaurants and many other commercial properties they have the experience required to tackle any type of electrical problem you may experience. Whether you have a faulty alarm, issues with your lighting or have a complete power outage no job is too big or too small at Al Amin they will be happy to help at any time.

With experienced and fully insured electrical technicians based across the city no matter where you are based in London, they will be able to make sure someone can reach you within a reasonable time frame.

Offering competitive pricing for all work no matter what time you may call this 24-hour emergency electrician London based service will never add any hidden costs.

With an upfront and easy to understand pricing policy you will always be kept full informed of the final price you will have to pay, there is a minimum one hour fee chargeable for any visit and on some occasions you may be required to pay for congestion charges or parking, all of which will be fully explained before any work is carried out so you can be certain that there won’t be any nasty surprises when the time comes to pay the bill.

With an aim of offering a friendly and reliable service at all times at Al Amin Electrical they do everything they can to make sure you are satisfied with the service you receive. They are happy to be flexible regarding the times that any non-urgent work is carried out and make sure that they keep you fully informed at every stage; you can even be certain that they will clean up any mess created before they leave.

No matter what time you may call you can be sure that any technician that visits you will be polite and any work carried out will be completed within a reasonable time frame.

With many services available alongside their emergency call out service at Al Amin Electrical they are able to offer a complete electrical service to all their customers.

From installing electrical systems to helping ensure all appliances are fully PAT tested have a wide range of experience helping many companies and residential customers with all their electrical needs including ensuring everything is completely safe and legally compliant, with a wealth of experiencing from helping previous customers you can be sure that no matter what help or advice you may need they will be able to help.

With all electrical technicians that work with Al Amin Electrical being NIECIC approved you can be certain that no matter what problem you may have the electrician you see will be fully qualified and hold all the relevant paperwork and insurance required to carry out all work so you can have total peace of mind that anything that is done will be completely safe and carried out to comply with all safety laws and other legal regulations.

If an emergency calls out will require further work, they will make sure your property is safe and do everything they can to provide you with a backup alternative if required.

So you need electrical help in a hurry but don’t want to be charged extra call out fees or are simply looking for a reliable electrician to carry out some work or help maintain your property why not find out more about the services Al Amin Electrical can offer?

Not only do they offer a fully professional and reliable service every time you will find their competitive prices impressive as well, take a look at some of their excellent past reviews to see how many satisfied customers within London they have worked with already if you have any reservations at all.

Call Al Amin Electrical today on 0207 476 2153 or mobile 07889 272 430 for all of your electrical needs.

A New Composite or uPVC Double Glazed Door

A New Composite or uPVC Double Glazed Door
If you have concerns about how secure your front door is you may want to consider getting a new composite or uPVC double glazed door from I Want a Door where they come complete with police approved locks and other excellent safety features as well as being available in a choice of stylish design and colour.  Placing your order is a straight forward process and you will be able to enjoy free fitting as well, the most difficult thing you will need to do is make your final decision on which design you like the most.

A New Composite or uPVC Double Glazed Door

Covering most areas within Newcastle and the surrounding North East at I Want A Door you will be able to enjoy excellent quality for a great value price as you will have the opportunity to buy directly from the supplier and remove and extra cost associated with buying from a sale company instead so you can be sure that whatever door you decide on it the end it will definitely be a great investment.  With an welcoming and comfortable showroom onsite at their modern manufacturing plant if you choose to pay them a visit one of their friendly team will be more than happy to tell you more about the doors they have available, how the fitting process works and also answer any questions you may have.

Every Composite or uPVC double glazed door that I Want A Door produces comes with a multi-point locking system including a high security anti snap cylinder, spy hole, security glass and if applicable toughened glass as standard so you can be sure that no matter what door you choose your home with definitely be more secure.  With the use of modern manufacturing methods every door has been constructed to be stronger and tougher than a more traditional style door so you can be sure that even the most determined intruder would have real problems trying to break in.

At I Want A Door you can take advantage of the opportunity to choose every component of the door so you can create a design that really complements your home and reflects your personality as well.  With a wide range of designs to choose from along with a choice of colours, glass type and hardware there are endless possibilities so you can design a door that you really love, and if you need a little inspiration you can take a look at some of the examples online or in the showroom to get an idea of what the finished door will look like.

Having a new front door that really suits your home not only helps improve security and make you house look better it also helps to protect you from the elements.  Due to the design of the Composite and uPVC doors available at I Want A Door they are able to offer you better draught protection so your home will be more comfortable and cheaper to run as well so there are many added advantages to choosing to replace your old front door with a more modern design.

So if you want to make the most of the outside of your home and are looking to invest in something really worthwhile why not take a look at some of the excellent designs of uPVC and composite doors at I Want A Door?  With such a wide range of choice and hardwearing low maintenance designs that are sure to stay looking good for years to come you will definitely be impressed with the quality and value available for such a competitive price!

 I Want a Door.COM provides a range of strong, secure and energy efficient made to measure composite doors. Cut out the salesmen and their commissions; buy your composite door direct from the North East’s leading composite door manufacturer. To find out more information, call 0191 2862122 today or visit the I Want a Door website.

Tree Surgery Services in Newcastle

Tree Surgery Services in Newcastle
As we approach the Autumn of 2019, why not look to get your garden tidied and make sure your trees are all safety pruned and managed. Located close to Newcastle upon Tyne, Stan Timmins and sons is a company offering expert Tree Surgery Services and with many year’s experience they have all the knowledge and expertise required to help you find the solution to any problem you may have.

With a wide range of service on offer including formative pruning, sectional dismantling of dead, dangerous and diseased trees, ivy Removal / severance, large tree removal and site clearance as well as many others you can be certain that no matter what problem you may have Stan Timmins will be able to help you find a workable solution.

It’s also important to use a qualified and registered tree surgeon as in the UK, all your intended works (tree surgery, tree felling, etc.,) must be checked and approved by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) to see if your plans may affect conservation or any other ecological ecosystem. With most tree surgeons, they will be able to check with a TPO to see if your proposed plans are allowed.

Here at Stan Timmins Tree Surgeons, we submit your proposed plans to a TPO, plus the Local Authority to get your plans approved. This means that we can go ahead with your intended work. You’ll have to do less paperwork and spend time filling out applications. We do all that work for you.

Every tree requires the experience and knowledge required to carry out the tree surgery safely and accurately. A competent tree surgeon will also have the skillset and precision required to carry out a variety of tree surgery from working with tree stumps to cutting down towering Oak trees.

Since there are so many varieties of trees, each of varying sizes and breadths, you always need to trust a tree surgeon who will carry out the job quickly and accurately, without any fatalities. That’s why using a qualified tree surgeon is so important, and most tree surgeons carry out dozens of techniques to carry out the requires tree surgery. It all depends on the tree at hand and the work needed to be done.

Offering fully insured and registered tree surgery services, Stan Timmins guarantee that every job completed will be carried out to meet current best practices for Arboriculture work and to comply with the BS3998 (2010) regulations. You can be certain that any work you need to have carried out will be done properly and as safely as possible.
With a wide range of service on offer including formative pruning, sectional dismantling of dead, dangerous and diseased trees, ivy Removal / severance, large tree removal and site clearance as well as many others you can be certain that no matter what problem you may have Stan Timmins and Sons will be able to help you find a workable solution.

With a straight forward pricing policy and excellent customer services you can be sure that at Stan Timmins and Sons they will be able to offer you excellent quality work for a reasonable price, and if you have any questions or queries at any stage of the process they will be happy to offer you all the information that you need.

When you’re about to embark on tree surgery, it can be a daunting experience to search for a qualified and registered tree surgeon. We believe at Stan Timmins Tree Surgeons that we can provide you with the quickest and most accurate tree surgery, to suit whatever work you need done. We offer the advantages listed above and we have had many customers who have praised us and thanked us for our work. You can see these customers at our Testimonials page.

For further information on the range of gardening and tress surgery services available please call 07966 207280 or visit the Stan Timmins Tress Surgery website today.

JD Plastering Services

Welcome to JD Plastering Services
If you’re looking for reliable Plastering Services in Leeds, JD plastering are the top plasterer in the area and can help you whether making improvements to your home or business. If you have damaged walls, ceilings, repairs, or you just need a new installation, the team have you covered.

Plastering a property has many benefits. Not only will you freshen up the look, you might just improve your energy efficiency and save money. The JD Plastering team pride themselves on high quality plastering services, and will always give attention to detail, ensuring that the client’s needs are fully met. JD Plastering offer services in most areas of Leeds and with their team of trusted employees are able to cope with the most demanding of projects.

JD plastering

More About JD Plastering Services in Leeds

  • Plastering – We offer a variety of plastering services for both the residential and plastering sectors. Not only is the job of the highest quality, you can expect excellent rates. JD Plastering plaster in the Leeds and West Yorkshire area and have built up an excellent name of the years. Many of the jobs undertaken are recommendations from previous plastering work and happy clients.
  • Rendering – Rendering is the application of sand and cement to brickwork or blocks. The render is applied in a two-coat system and ready for decoration and weatherproof once complete. The JD Plastering team can provide various rendering services depending on your needs. Both internal and external walls can be taken care of, and can even provide new silicone systems that do not require painting or any maintenance like traditional sand and cement renders.
  • Skimming – Skimming is a plastering term which means to apply a thin coat of plaster (usually 2mm) over plasterboard or new undercoat plaster. This can be applied to old walls to achieve a smooth aesthetic​ surface​ perfect for decorating. When stripping wallpaper, for example, you might find that the wall behind is cracked or damaged. If you have these issues, as well as an uneven wall, a re-skim will ensure that the finished look is high quality with smooth walls and ceilings and crisp edges.

JD Plastering can be your go-to for plastering services in Leeds. Plastering is one of the final stages of creating a beautiful living space, so it’s important to ensure you achieve the right finish. With the right finish your house will look put together and can be decorated by you in a variety of ways. The JD Plastering team specialise in all aspects of new and restorative plaster works as well as decorative plaster mouldings.

We provide fully tailored commercial and residential plastering services in Leeds and the surrounding areas and are one of the region’s leading plastering contractors. JD Plastering Services could be just the team you need to finish off your home or business perfectly.

Get in Touch with JD Plastering Services Today
If you’re interested in the plastering services provided by JD Plastering, get in touch with us today by calling 07496 709523 to arrange an appointment and a FREE, no obligation quote.

Wall and Ceiling Solutions

The Ideal Wall and Ceiling Solution for your Business
If you are lacking suitable workspace within your company’s premises but don’t want to have to go through the inconvenience and expense of moving property maybe considering making some changes to your existing property could be the ideal solution to your problem. Whether you are looking to create extra rooms or separate areas within your building or want to make a space that is more suited to the type of work you carry out, with a little thought and the best use of modern materials you will be able to completely renovate any area to make it perfectly suited to the needs of your business or organisation.

At WCS Wall and Ceiling Solutions they offer an excellent service helping their clients to transform their buildings into a professional and attractive premise that is totally tailored to their company’s needs.

Wall and Ceiling Solution for your Business

Offering a wide range of services including suspended ceilings, flooring installation, decorating and partition walls they will be able to assess your building and let you know what changes could be made to really improve your working environment. With the opportunity to have a free on-site visit from one of the team so they can take a look around, discuss your plans and see what solutions they are able to offer you before you commit to anything you can be sure of an honest and informative service every step of the way.

With a fully qualified and skilled team available at WCS they will be able to discuss your requirements with you and help you create a design that it completely entered around the work your business carries out. Then when the time comes for work to begin, they will be able to manage the whole project for you from beginning to end, even arranging the finishing touches such as lighting and wiring.

They are even happy to offer a totally flexible service so that work is carried out at times when your company is closed to help reduce the disruption caused to your working day while work is carried out, they will help you create a full budget before work starts and a time management plan as well so you are fully prepared from the very beginning.

If you want to create a quiet environment for office staff and want to block out the noise from other areas installing specially designed suspended ceilings or flooring installation could be the perfect answer, you can also use solutions like this to help maintain prevent draughts and heat loss, especially in older or large buildings or create custom made areas that are extra durable or easy to clean which can be useful for kitchens, ‘clean room’ areas or other sterile areas such as treatment rooms for health professionals. At WCS they can discuss all the various options with you so you can make sure that you are using the best possible option for the type of organisation you have.

So no matter what type of business or organisation you have if you need to make changes to your premises due to recent growth or other changes why not get in touch with WCS to see if they can help you to transform your building in to a place completely suited to the type of work you carry out but still attractive and pleasant to work in? With a great range of services on offer, an excellent portfolio of previous works and an aim to offer every client they meet an individual and professional service that is to the highest standard at all times you can be certain that you won’t be disappointed!

WCS are not salespersons. We will not try to push you into a buying decision. We are a very highly skilled team with many years of experience in Refurbishment and Maintenance works. We are here to help.

Call us, E-mail us, Facebook us, or however you want to connect, ask as many questions as you need too, arrange a free on-site visit with one of our team (again, we are not salespersons) we can discuss your plans, answer your questions, run through your options and see what we can offer you.

If you arrive at a decision you do require our services, then you have come to the right place. WCS are renowned for their unrivalled personal customer service with the immeasurable high standards to match.

Wall & Ceiling Solutions (NE) Ltd are your complete refurbishment specialists. Our in-house team can cover every aspect of an Office refurbishment from Suspended ceilings, Partitions, Electrical, Flooring, Decoration and more. Save time and money with WCS. Get your Free quotation today!

Arktek Group Property Services

Arktek Group Property Services
Arktek Group Limited is a property services and energy saving company based in the North East and North West of England specialising in providing a range of energy saving measures through funded and private schemes across the North East, North West, Yorkshire and Scotland.

Arktek Group Property Services

We work closely with home owners, housing associations, commercial companies and energy companies to provide you with the most effective energy saving measures. Helping you save money!

Arktek property services provide a range of both grant-funded, domestic and commercial property services:

Gas Boiler Replacement, Servicing and Repairs
Central Heating Service and Repairs
Plastering and Rendering
Home Improvements and Renovations
ECO Funded Energy Saving Measures
Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation
Room in Roof Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction

Delivering professional and reliable heating, insulation and home renovation services throughout the North East and North Yorkshire areas, Arktek have created a first class reputation. This is based upon the pride and care we take in every aspect of our work.

For further information please contact Arktek today on 0191 5166911 or visit the Arkek Heating website.

Asbestos Consultancy Services

Asbestos Compliance and Consultancy Services
Many properties, whether commercial or residential, have areas that may contain Asbestos which if managed correctly poses no immediate risk to health, however over time or if the area is disturbed it can become dangerous as it can potentially cause life limiting illnesses such as Asbestosis and Mesothelioma.

Used for much of the twentieth century for building work and to produce many products Asbestos was originally thought of as an excellent and versatile materiel due to its resistance to heat and excellent binding properties, however as time went on an people started to become ill the risks associated with Asbestos started to become clear and eventually the use of asbestos was stopped completely in 1999.

If you are the owner of a property it is your legal responsibility to monitor and manage any asbestos within the building that you own and if it was built before 2000 there is a high chance that at least one area contains asbestos.

As Asbestos can be difficult to identify and because of the risks associated with this substance if you are unsure if your building contains Asbestos it’s a very good idea to contact an Asbestos consultant to ask them to carry out a survey.

At RB Asbestos Consultants they offer an excellent and professional service to anyone concerned about Asbestos and can give you all the advice you need to ensure you are managing the risks of Asbestos within your property correctly and are complying with all legal requirements.

With over thirty years-experience working within the industry at RB Asbestos Consultants they have helped many residential and commercial customers identify and manage areas containing Asbestos effectively.

From helping create a comprehensive Asbestos register to helping you train your staff to ensure that you are legally qualified to manage and control any Asbestos present in your property the team at RB Asbestos Consultants are able to offer you all the help and advice you may need in any aspect of Asbestos and its management.

As IATP registered trainers and holding ISO 9001 and SSIP accreditation among many others it’s easy to see why so many large organisations such as the NHS, Housing associations and McDonalds chose to approach RB Asbestos Consultant to help them identify and manage Asbestos within their buildings.

Sometimes if a building is shared by more than one occupier it can be difficult to be sure who is legally responsible for Asbestos in different areas within the building at RB Asbestos they can help you resolve queries like this and help clear up any confusion so you can be certain that you are acting within the law at all times.

They can also help you to ascertain how much Asbestos is within your building and what type it is and if any Asbestos that is present begins to show signs of becoming a hazard to health, they can also help you manage its safe removal although this isn’t work, they carry out themselves.

So, if you have and concerns about Asbestos at all get in touch get in touch with RB Asbestos Consultants to see how they are able to help you. They are happy to help large organisations nationwide and are also happy to offer a small business and residential service to more local customers within Manchester, Merseyside and the surrounding area, with excellent customer reviews and competitive rates alongside a friendly expert service you can be certain that you won’t be disappointed.

New Safety Mark Replacement Could Cost UK Manufacturing

New Safety Mark Replacement Could Cost UK Manufacturing
A new UK safety mark designed to replace the EU’s ubiquitous CE mark, following a no-deal Brexit will cost British manufacturers and exporters millions of pounds in product stamping, testing and red tape.

The warning comes from international courier Parcel Hero, who says the Government’s plans for a new ‘UKCA’ mark to replace the European Union’s CE safety mark, in the event of a hard Brexit, will cost UK manufacturers millions of pounds in new product branding, packaging and bureaucracy.

new UK safety mark

UK Safety Mark Replacement
Currently a large number of products manufactured or distributed in the UK and the rest of the EU are required to carry the EU’s CE mark, from toys and kettles to medical implants and hot water boilers; this shows they meet EU legal requirements. Now Parcel Hero warns the Government’s new United Kingdom Conformity Assessed (UKCA) logo will need to be displayed on many such items sold in the UK, but that British manufactured products will still need to be CE approved for sale in the EU, post a no-deal Brexit.

Parcel Hero head of consumer research David Jinks MILT said: “In the future, many products will need to have packaging, marketing and stamping changed to show they meet UKCA regulations, in case UK and EU regulations start to diverge.”

He cautioned: “It gets worse. As well as new products being required to meet UKCA regulations, after March 29, 2019 the results of conformity assessment test carried out by UK conformity assessment bodies will no longer be recognised in the EU. UKCA passed products won’t be able to be placed on the EU market without re-assessment by EU bodies. The very idea that British-made goods may have to meet two sets of safety regulations is clearly a huge black mark against no deal Brexit plans.

“The new UKCA mark is surely a huge question mark hanging over the Government’s no deal Brexit plans. In its latest guidance the Government is saying post a no-deal Brexit some CE marked products will still be legally recognised in the UK, but if a product requires third party assessment of conformity, and if this has been carried out by a UK conformity assessment body, you will have to apply the new UKCA marking after 29 March 2019.”

Parcel Hero believes UK manufacturers and exporters are facing a nightmare of product changes and ballooning red tape, as EU and UK safety regulations start to separate. Mr Jinks concluded: “The only new mark British exporters need to see now is a punctuation mark: a full stop to the possibility of a no deal Brexit.”

For more details of the costs and challenges facing the UK’s exporters post-Brexit see Parcel Hero’s report: Revealed – the True Cost of Brexit.

Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Surveys in London

Thermal imaging heat loss survey’s provide home owners in existing homes answers as to why their home draughty and cold and where the building envelope is at its weakest costing them wasting energy. APT Sound Testing provides heat loss thermal surveys in London and the throughout the South East.

With heating costs on the rise, homeowners want to understand where they are losing heat from their dwelling to lower their fuel bills. In many instances it’s because parts of the house or flat feels cold and/or draughty and they want to try and remedy the excessive heat-loss which has a negative effect on the occupier’s wellbeing.

Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Surveys in London

Thermal Heat Loss Surveys in London

In many cases our clients request a thermal heat loss survey when they are about to undertake refurbishment works to their property and they want to identify and record the areas that need to improve and the resulting reportage is clear and concise which allows for targeted remedial works. In some cases the reports may pick up simple problems like excess leakage through the existing windows and/or doors, floors and through penetrations and unfinished areas around kitchens and bathrooms. In our experience the main air leakage paths are:

  1. Underneath the kitchen and utility room units at the wall/floor junction and service penetrations.
  2. Around penetrations around the kitchen boiler cupboard.
  3. At top of the cooker extract where the ductwork terminates through the ceiling.
  4. Around the wall/floor junctions due to unsealed skirting boards.
  5. Around various unsealed internal/external door and window frames.
  6. Around various service penetrations within the stair cupboard.
  7. Around unfinished recessed ceiling lights.
  8. Around the staircase through the sides of the risers and around bottom of the balustrading to each landing.
  9. Around the back of the toilets where the SVP terminates through the wall.
  10. Around the bath panels that still require mastic. .
  11. Around the base of the shower units.
  12. Around the pipes to the underside of the toilet/bathroom sinks.
  13. Around various service penetrations in the 1st floor boiler cupboard.
  14. Around the underfloor heating pipework.
  15. Around radiator pipe penetrations.
  16. Around existing timber floor boards.
  17. However, it may also pick up on missing or damaged wall/roof insulation, which is often more difficult to remedy.

We have undertaken thermal surveys on hundreds of individual houses, flats and office buildings of every age, size and design. Recently we have discovered some very serious defects on new-build properties. In these cases, thermal imaging is a low impact, rapid and accurate way to prove:

  1. There is a problem
  2. Its exact location
  3. What is causing the problem

Using our hi-powered fan systems we can also offer a combined Air Tightness and Thermal Imaging Package. This allows undertaking the thermal surveys whilst the building is either pressurised or de-pressurised by one of our air tightness blower door systems. This provides the ultimate insight into the heat loss paths.

As we are UKAS accredited for air testing and our thermographer’s are is certified to Level 3, it provides our clients with the highest quality reportage from start to finish and we can undertake thermal surveys to all types’ of buildings from the smallest dwelling to the largest office blocks and commercial buildings.

It is our ongoing commitment to provide a proactive and helpful service. Understandably, many homeowners have some questions on their thermal imaging surveys, with this in-mind we suggest you visit our Thermal Survey page which contains lots of helpful information.

All we need are the floor plans and elevation drawings to provide a quotation. We will also send across our informative Thermal Survey Checklist to help you prepare for the thermal survey.

If you would like more information in regards to BREEAM Thermography Surveys, please contact us now at: or call us on 01525 303905. Alternately you can visit our website at for more information.