Update Your Central Heating Now

Update Your Central Heating Now As the colder weather starts approaching you may be considering how well your gas central […]

Posted on Oct 30, 2018

Update Your Central Heating Now

As the colder weather starts approaching you may be considering how well your gas central heating boiler is likely perform this winter or if its even going to last the whole season so it may be a good idea to think about having your existing combi boiler serviced or perhaps replaced now to help avoid any nasty surprises when the cold weather really sets in.  So if your boiler isn’t performing as efficiently as it used to, or has begun to cost more to run you getting a professional company like Arktek Heating Services to take a look at it for you now is a really good idea so you can spot and resolve any potential problems and reduce the risk of your heating letting you down when you really need it.

At Arktek they will be able to take a look at your exiting boiler and let you know if they are able to get it running at its optimum power for you again or it getting a boiler replacement will be the more sensible solution and with an excellent range of gas central heating boilers on offer they will be able to help you find one that is perfectly suited to your home and your budget.  With a friendly and reliable team of professional central heating engineers on hand to offer you any information and advice that you may need at Arktek they are happy to do everything they can to help you make sure that your home stays warm all winter so they offer an excellent range of services to their customers including emergency repairs, servicing and boiler replacements.

With an wide range of gas boiler replacements on offer from top brands including Baxi, Worcester Bosh Group and Ideal you can be sure that any boiler you choose to get installed by Arktek will be made to the highest possible standards and meet all safety regulations, and you can be certain that their fully qualified and reliable team will make sure that your new combi boiler will be fitted with a reasonable time frame and with the minimum disruption to you and the rest of your family.  All new boilers come with a full warranty and Arktek will able to make sure that any necessary services and repairs are carried out to the highest possible standard.

Getting a replacement gas central heating boiler is an ideal way to add value to your home as well as improving your quality of life and with many models available at Arktek featuring the latest energy efficiency features you may find that your new combi boiler could be a really worthwhile investment.  Having good heating and ventilation within your home will not only help keep you and your family warm and cosy it will also help prevent problems like damp and mould occurring which could affect not only the condition of your property but your health as well.

So if you have concerns about how well your boiler will perform this winter or have decided you want to get a new combi boiler installed why not get in touch with Arktek to find out more about the services and products that they have on offer.  With many affordable options available, excellent customer testimonials and an excellent range of some of the most modern boilers on the market available why not give them a call or go online to get a free quote? You can be certain that you won’t be disappointed with the service you receive.

For further information about the range of replacement gas boilers available or the landlord emergency repair and maintenance services, please call 0191 516 6911 or visit our heating & plumbing services website. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.