Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Surveys in London

Thermal imaging heat loss survey’s provide home owners in existing homes answers as to why their home draughty and cold […]

Posted on Feb 11, 2019
Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Surveys in London

Thermal imaging heat loss survey’s provide home owners in existing homes answers as to why their home draughty and cold and where the building envelope is at its weakest costing them wasting energy. APT Sound Testing provides heat loss thermal surveys in London and the throughout the South East.

With heating costs on the rise, homeowners want to understand where they are losing heat from their dwelling to lower their fuel bills. In many instances it’s because parts of the house or flat feels cold and/or draughty and they want to try and remedy the excessive heat-loss which has a negative effect on the occupier’s wellbeing.

Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Surveys in London

Thermal Heat Loss Surveys in London

In many cases our clients request a thermal heat loss survey when they are about to undertake refurbishment works to their property and they want to identify and record the areas that need to improve and the resulting reportage is clear and concise which allows for targeted remedial works. In some cases the reports may pick up simple problems like excess leakage through the existing windows and/or doors, floors and through penetrations and unfinished areas around kitchens and bathrooms. In our experience the main air leakage paths are:

  1. Underneath the kitchen and utility room units at the wall/floor junction and service penetrations.
  2. Around penetrations around the kitchen boiler cupboard.
  3. At top of the cooker extract where the ductwork terminates through the ceiling.
  4. Around the wall/floor junctions due to unsealed skirting boards.
  5. Around various unsealed internal/external door and window frames.
  6. Around various service penetrations within the stair cupboard.
  7. Around unfinished recessed ceiling lights.
  8. Around the staircase through the sides of the risers and around bottom of the balustrading to each landing.
  9. Around the back of the toilets where the SVP terminates through the wall.
  10. Around the bath panels that still require mastic. .
  11. Around the base of the shower units.
  12. Around the pipes to the underside of the toilet/bathroom sinks.
  13. Around various service penetrations in the 1st floor boiler cupboard.
  14. Around the underfloor heating pipework.
  15. Around radiator pipe penetrations.
  16. Around existing timber floor boards.
  17. However, it may also pick up on missing or damaged wall/roof insulation, which is often more difficult to remedy.

We have undertaken thermal surveys on hundreds of individual houses, flats and office buildings of every age, size and design. Recently we have discovered some very serious defects on new-build properties. In these cases, thermal imaging is a low impact, rapid and accurate way to prove:

  1. There is a problem
  2. Its exact location
  3. What is causing the problem

Using our hi-powered fan systems we can also offer a combined Air Tightness and Thermal Imaging Package. This allows undertaking the thermal surveys whilst the building is either pressurised or de-pressurised by one of our air tightness blower door systems. This provides the ultimate insight into the heat loss paths.

As we are UKAS accredited for air testing and our thermographer’s are is certified to Level 3, it provides our clients with the highest quality reportage from start to finish and we can undertake thermal surveys to all types’ of buildings from the smallest dwelling to the largest office blocks and commercial buildings.

It is our ongoing commitment to provide a proactive and helpful service. Understandably, many homeowners have some questions on their thermal imaging surveys, with this in-mind we suggest you visit our Thermal Survey page which contains lots of helpful information.

All we need are the floor plans and elevation drawings to provide a quotation. We will also send across our informative Thermal Survey Checklist to help you prepare for the thermal survey.

If you would like more information in regards to BREEAM Thermography Surveys, please contact us now at: or call us on 01525 303905. Alternately you can visit our website at for more information.