Silo Repair & Maintenance Services

Silo Repair & Maintenance Services. Silo damage can be detrimental to your business’s activity. In extreme cases, failure of a […]

Posted on Sep 08, 2020
Silo Repair & Maintenance Services

Silo Repair & Maintenance Services.
Silo damage can be detrimental to your business’s activity. In extreme cases, failure of a silo can result in loss of the container, contamination or loss of its material, environmental damage, and costs for both clean-up and replacement. Silo repair services are, therefore, fundamental to your business. It’s essential to find a company that can provide silo repair services and the support you need for the upkeep of your silo structures.

Silo repair and maintenance services can cover the steam cleaning, sanitisation, repairs, and painting of your silo. Raw materials are stored in a wide variety of facilities ranging from concrete, steel, and other types of structure from 10 to 50 metres in height. Silo repair services can provide remedial and cleaning work to all types of silo and storage facilities.

Silo Repair & Maintenance Services

Emergency callouts

Silo repair and maintenance services are often called in an emergency situation. Round the clock support is provided for silo cleaning and repairs, in any difficult situation. This may involve repairs to safety rails and ladders, for example, or cleaning or fumigation. Silo repair services are available on an emergency call-out to ensure the safety of all staff and protection of the structure and the surrounding area.

Silo inspection

A silo inspection is performed as part of all silo repair services. External inspections can check for a number of causes of damage or general wear and tear. These can include causes of product contamination and mould residue. Experts also look for oxidisation caused by the presence of water. This can be seen by any reddish-brown or reddish-yellow hydrated ferric oxides formed on the metal.

Any deterioration of the metal or rust needs to be treated immediately. This is a problem if you find any stain or coating representing iron rust or fibreglass. Certain parts of the silo may also deteriorate due to inactivity or the presence of water in dead spaces.

Silo inspection reports are then made detailing both the internal and external condition of the silo, and whether they need steam cleaning or painting. All ladders, safety handrails, and blow lines are inspected. The access dome is also checked for traces of insect infestation. A maintenance plan is then drawn up to carry out any necessary work.

Cleaning and painting

Cleaning is a fundamental part of silo repair services. If a silo isn’t kept clean, then it can succumb to rust, mould, insects, and other damage. Expert silo repair services will provide a deep steam clean of the structure, helping to remove rust and prevent further damage.

External painting with long-lasting paint is carried out to protect the silo against the elements. Food grade paint is used internally to protect the silo’s contents and minimise residue build-up. Certain types of silos are more prone to infestation than others, for example, flour silos for bakeries.

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