Homebuyers Most & Least Appealing Property Trends

Homebuyers Most & Least Appealing Property Trends.  Buyers have revealed what they look for in a new home – UPVC […]

Posted on Oct 30, 2020
Homebuyers Most & Least Appealing Property Trends

Homebuyers Most & Least Appealing Property Trends. 
Buyers have revealed what they look for in a new home – UPVC double glazing, wooden floors and downstairs loos are ‘in’, but wood burners, Artex ceilings and shabby chic décor are ‘out’. A poll of 2,000 adults found a good energy efficiency rating also gets a big tick, as do alcove bookshelves, converted lofts and free-standing bathtubs.

However, homes with tiled countertops, open plan layouts and pink rooms are likely to receive a thumbs down.

The study was commissioned by Independent Network powered by VEKA, which has created an interactive infographic to highlight the different home trends. The research also found almost a fifth of adults are looking to buy a new house within the next six months.

A spokeswoman said: “Trends come and go so it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to property – and there are some surprises which perhaps illustrates this very point.

“For instance, the likes of wood burners and pink rooms – both of which have been very popular in recent years – are now not viewed quite so favourably among many of those polled.”

The study also found built-in storage is big plus among potential buyers as is a garden with a lawn, underfloor heating and space for a home office.

Outdoor lounge areas, Belfast sinks, and neutrally coloured walls are also viewed favourably among those polled, as well as breakfast bars, paved patios and marble kitchen surfaces.

But artificially turfed gardens, word art on walls and single glazed windows hold little appeal.

The same goes for dark coloured rooms, a lack of plug sockets and painted floorboards.

Coloured taps – specifically black ones – white tiles with dark grouting and trampolines also don’t go down well, while other people are put off by wood panelling and lino floors.

It also emerged colour is a significant factor when it comes to how a property is perceived by potential buyers – inside and out – as 77 per cent argue this is one of the most important aspects of home décor.

And if door and window colours are anything to go by, white is by far the most popular shade with 44 per cent of homes having a white door and 73 per cent having white windows.

Carried out through OnePoll, the study also found 58 per cent browse property websites and apps just to see what’s out there – despite not ‘officially’ looking for a new home.

And 53 per cent of adults actively keep an eye on the latest home style trends.

But despite so many having their finger on the pulse when it comes to décor, 22 per cent admitted they have made improvements to their home which they subsequently regretted.

A spokeswoman from Independent Network powered by VEKA added: “We can’t get it right all the time when it comes to our homes and with tastes changing all the time it can be a struggle.

“But if you look at what people do and don’t want from a home there are some things there which are safe bets for the long-term.

“These include – but not limited to – UPVC double glazing, good energy efficiency rating and space for the home office area.”


1. UPVC double glazing
2. Downstairs loo
3. Good energy efficiency rating
4. Built-in storage
5. Lawned garden
6. Walled garden
7. Separate living spaces
8. Neutrally coloured walls
9. Separate shower cubicle
10. Wooden floors
11. Converted loft
12. Underfloor heating
13. Security system
14. Home office area
15. Paved patio
16. Marble kitchen surfaces
17. Outdoor lounge area
18. Modern retro furnishings
19. Coloured window frames
20. Breakfast bars
21. Alcove bookshelves
22. White window frames
23. Decking
24. Cushions, throws, knits and faux furs
25. Free-standing bathtubs
26. Outdoor lights
27. Belfast sink
28. Four post beds
29. Black and white colour schemes
30. Coloured doors


1. Lack of plug sockets
2. Having no bath – only a shower
3. Artex ceilings
4. Single glazed windows
5. Wood panelling
6. Shabby chic décor
7. Pink rooms
8. Lino floors
9. Large wallpaper patterns
10. Artificial turfed garden
11. Word art on walls
12. ‘Trendy’ bathroom tiles
13. Dark coloured rooms
14. Farmhouse décor
15. Tiled countertops
16. Tiled floor living rooms
17. Open plan layouts
18. Dark coloured kitchen cupboards
19. Painted floorboards
20. Wood burner
21. Nautical themed rooms
22. AGA ovens or similar
23. Plastic bath/shower
24. Wicker furniture
25. White tiles with dark grouting
26. Wallpaper boarders
27. Wooden countertops
28. Black taps
29. Trampolines
30. Rose gold taps

Source: Independent Network Powered By VEKA