High Quality Portable & Temporary Classrooms

Portable & Temporary Classrooms and modular buildings are cost-effective building solutions which can accommodate both short term and long-term solutions. […]

Posted on Aug 11, 2022
Portable & Temporary Classrooms

Portable & Temporary Classrooms and modular buildings are cost-effective building solutions which can accommodate both short term and long-term solutions. Whether that’s an issue with overcrowding problems, expansions of school buildings or whether it is a portable classroom that will remain permanent, there are plenty of reasons that they make very cost effective and secure solutions to lack of space.

Often, portable classrooms are used to provide public schools, private schools, colleges & universities, and any other type of learning facility, with the option to expand their capacity, whilst still maintaining a great learning atmosphere. Portable classrooms also provide an economical alternative in areas where there are too many pupils in one classroom or if the school is over its capacity.

Portable & Temporary Classrooms

Portable & Temporary Classrooms can be easily installed on-site in just a few short weeks. The additional benefit is that these buildings can be installed on-site up to 50% more quickly than conventional classrooms and still provide all the necessary equipment. They are secure, safe, modern and friendly. Most often you can rent, purchase, or finance portable classrooms and our office premises based in Gateshead can provide you with all the necessary information you need regarding the types of classrooms we offer as well as the type of technical solutions we can provide.

Designing and Getting Things Suited to Your Needs
We appreciate that every learning facility has different needs and may need temporary classrooms for a number of reasons. We aim to provide modern, airy and comfortable learning environments for students to thrive in. A chance of scenery for many students can certainly be a welcomed change, but it can also be something that some students may find difficult to adapt to, which is why we create our temporary classrooms to the highest standard.

We want any additional portable classrooms to match the aesthetic of your existing construction as perfectly as possible, as well as giving the environment a unique look with the specifications of choice. We want to make sure that this feels like part of your school and that it will feel like an extension of what you already have.

What you may find in a portable and temporary classroom design may be:

• A spacious, well-lit, and climate-controlled classroom meaning that no matter the weather, we will be able to ensure that the temperature is right for all students and teachers.
• Completed to match your existing aesthetic, in a modern and pleasing way.
• Fitted with the necessary restroom facilities as needed (disabled or otherwise)
• Wired for internet connection and full connection capabilities.
• A short time frame, only a few weeks before you can allow your students inside.
• Easily relocatable between schools, can be set up anywhere, relocated as and when it is needed.
• Incredibly durable and very easy to maintain.
• Exceptional fire safety and comply with all necessary regulations.
• Just like a real classroom – the atmosphere and design greatly resemble a traditional classroom, making it a great choice.

What to Look for In A Company
You want to ensure that you are choosing the right company for the job when you install a temporary or portable classroom. It is important to note that these types of classrooms can be installed and removed whenever necessary, with lease, purchase, and financing options for all. They can be installed on the school courtyard, around any car park areas or any area of the grounds that you desire.

Customer satisfaction is vital; and we aim to ensure that all our clients are happy and kept on top of any changes and all processes as time goes along. If we are installing in a short time frame, we aim to keep the highest standard of health and safety throughout. Safety is paramount to us. There is no reason not to consider the option of a portable and temporary classroom.

If your school is undergoing renovations for a particular area of the school, such as the maths department or language department, moving your classrooms to a portable solution allows students to continue their studies in a safe and happy environment and with quick and easy installations they can be changed and moved accordingly to comply with your needs, to keep both your staff and students happy and motivated in their studies.

Our business based in the North East of the UK and has built a solid reputation and is respected across our industry. Acrol Portable & Temporary Classrooms have an exceptional reputation as well as an excellent commitment. We offer minimal disruption during installation due to off-site construction, and whether you require additional classroom space, laboratories, or any other accommodation, Acrol can provide a modular solution suitable for every requirement.

For more information on the range of Modular Portable & Temporary Classrooms we supply, please call Acrol today on 07947 160759.