Clothing Repair & Alteration Services

High-Quality Clothing Repair & Alteration Services. How often do you throw something out because of a small rip or tear? […]

Posted on Sep 21, 2020
Clothing Repair & Alteration Services

High-Quality Clothing Repair & Alteration Services.
How often do you throw something out because of a small rip or tear? How often do you take a new dress that you love back to the shop because it doesn’t quite fit? Do you know you really don’t need to do this? We’re all different shapes, and sizes and clothes in the shops aren’t going to fit everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should deny yourself that dress you’ve had your eye on for so long – just get it altered!

When it comes to your favourite jeans which now have a hole in, don’t stress that you’ll never find a pair of jeans that will fit as well again or will be that comfy, simply fix your favourite pair using our clothing alteration and repair service.

Not only is repairing and altering your clothes good for you, but it’s also good for the environment, and as we all try to be a little better when it comes to waste then your clothing is a really good place to start. Did you know that the fashion industry will consume a quarter of the world’s annual carbon budget by 2050?

Clothing Repair & Alteration Services

Clothing Repair & Alteration Services
This is something that we can do something about. How many times have you said, “I can just go buy another shirt, it was only cheap.” This isn’t a healthy way to think of clothing, and all this waste can really add up. Most of the time, something is repairable and repairing it will generate less waste in this beautiful world of ours.

Quite often getting your clothes repaired or altered is going to be cheaper than buying the same thing again new and not only that but the way stock changes so much these days, it might be hard to find the same thing again. It also means that your favourite clothes can last for longer and who wouldn’t want that?

When it comes to alterations, whether it’s having trousers hemmed as they’re too long or customising a top so that it flatters you in all the right places, clothing alterations can give you personalised clothes, tailored to fit you.

When you look at models wearing these clothes and wonder why they don’t look the same on you, it’s not because of you – it’s because the clothes have been altered and tailored to fit those models perfectly. So, if you want long-lasting clothes that you love then why not have them altered to fit you too?

We have over 40 years’ experience and a fantastic reputation. From broken trouser zips, shortening of Jeans, to a full curtain alteration service, you can be assured we will help to make your clothes and household furnishings fit. And with a changing and fitting room facility onsite, one of our highly qualified seamstresses will always be at hand to offer you the advice you need with a friendly & personal service, second to none.

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