Benefits Of Replacing Your Central Heating Boiler

5 Benefits Of Replacing Your Central Heating Boiler If you still have an old boiler, you should consider switching to […]

Posted on Apr 03, 2018

5 Benefits Of Replacing Your Central Heating Boiler

If you still have an old boiler, you should consider switching to a new, modern central heating boiler. With a wealth of benefits, new boilers have helped millions of homeowners save money, minimize heat loss, and benefit the environment. It’s easy to switch, too, since at Arktek Heating, we fit and repair new boilers, always providing excellence.

In this article, we’ll check out some of these positives in more detail, so you can see just how powerful making the switch to a replacement boiler can be.

1. New Boilers Are 30% More Efficient Than Older Boilers

You might think that boiler technology hasn’t improved in the last two decades, but you’d be mistaken. With new and superior technologies pioneering central heating boiler mechanisms, new boilers today are 30% more efficient than older boilers. This means they use less energy, provide a better output and overall, they’re much more economical! Everyone wins; you’ll have more money in your pocket, and the environment will be benefited, too.

2. Our Boilers Are A-Rated Energy Efficient

Boilers from the past often have D-Rated energy efficiencies or even worse, E-rated energy efficiencies. These low and dismal energy ratings can mean your boiler is wasting valuable energy through heat loss. This mainly happens when heat escapes through the flue of the boiler, and it can be quite costly.

With a replacement boiler from Arktek Heating, the heat loss will be incredibly minimal and will save you much money. This is largely due to the fact that modern boilers are condensing boilers. These boilers have a larger heat exchanger, meaning less heat loss occurs, because it recovers more heat in the process.

Here at Arktek Heating, we use a variety of exceptional quality boiler brands; they are renowned across the globe and the UK to be long-lasting and of excellent quality.

3. Save Space With A Combination Boiler

Combination boilers have become increasingly popular in the UK over the last few years, largely due to the space they save. With a new Combi boiler, you can save space, since the boiler combines both a water heater and a central heating boiler. This eliminates the need for a hot water cylinder, saving you much space. Most utility rooms or storage spaces for boilers are cramped enough without the need for an extra hot water cylinder!

By getting a new Combi boiler, you’ll be able to clear out space and use that space for storing other items. Plus, you’ll only ever need to service one unit, which is the Combi boiler.

4. You’ll Save Money

According to Energy Saving Trust, central heating comprises 60% of your annual energy spend. This is quite a sizeable chunk of annual spending, and it’s vital that this spend is as economical as possible. By replacing your boiler, you’ll slash your central heating spend considerably and this can save you a lot of money each year.

Most homeowners can save from £100 to £400 per year, depending on the efficiency of their current boiler. Most boilers are E or F-rated, so by replacing them with an A-rated boiler, you’ll likely save £200 to £300 each year.

If you want to get specifics based on the type of house you live in, check out this page by Energy Saving Trust where they estimate your potential savings, provided you upgrade to a new replacement boiler.

5. You’ll Get Your Boiler Checked Annually

When you get your boiler replaced by Arktek Heating, we’ll make sure to contact you the year after and arrange to service your boiler. We’ll make sure it’s working as perfectly as the day we first installed it.

This is great for customers who want peace of mind, since life is busy enough with you needing to think of contacting a boiler company. By contacting you free of charge, you won’t have to remember to contact us, and we’ll ensure that your boiler is still in perfect order.

Depending on the boiler you choose, you will have a guarantee or warranty of 2 to 10 years on your boiler. For the duration of this warranty, we’ll ring you annually and arrange for a service to make sure the boiler still is as efficient as when first installed. We’ll also address any problems free of charge, according to the warranty.

Final Thoughts

By replacing your boiler with an A-rated boiler or a Combi boiler, you’ll minimize the heat loss in your central heating system. This will mean less energy is wasted and thrown away so wastefully. The environment will certainly be thanking you for your switch.

Of course, your pocket will be much better off also. With a range of potential boilers at the ready, you should certainly think about switching. You can save from £100 to £400 each year, and these are quite considerable savings! Your central heating bill is quite a sizeable chunk of your total energy spend, so make sure you reduce it with a new replacement boiler.