Asbestos Consultancy Services

Asbestos Compliance and Consultancy ServicesMany properties, whether commercial or residential, have areas that may contain Asbestos which if managed correctly […]

Posted on May 15, 2019

Asbestos Compliance and Consultancy Services
Many properties, whether commercial or residential, have areas that may contain Asbestos which if managed correctly poses no immediate risk to health, however over time or if the area is disturbed it can become dangerous as it can potentially cause life limiting illnesses such as Asbestosis and Mesothelioma.

Used for much of the twentieth century for building work and to produce many products Asbestos was originally thought of as an excellent and versatile materiel due to its resistance to heat and excellent binding properties, however as time went on an people started to become ill the risks associated with Asbestos started to become clear and eventually the use of asbestos was stopped completely in 1999.

If you are the owner of a property it is your legal responsibility to monitor and manage any asbestos within the building that you own and if it was built before 2000 there is a high chance that at least one area contains asbestos.

As Asbestos can be difficult to identify and because of the risks associated with this substance if you are unsure if your building contains Asbestos it’s a very good idea to contact an Asbestos consultant to ask them to carry out a survey.

At RB Asbestos Consultants they offer an excellent and professional service to anyone concerned about Asbestos and can give you all the advice you need to ensure you are managing the risks of Asbestos within your property correctly and are complying with all legal requirements.

With over thirty years-experience working within the industry at RB Asbestos Consultants they have helped many residential and commercial customers identify and manage areas containing Asbestos effectively.

From helping create a comprehensive Asbestos register to helping you train your staff to ensure that you are legally qualified to manage and control any Asbestos present in your property the team at RB Asbestos Consultants are able to offer you all the help and advice you may need in any aspect of Asbestos and its management.

As IATP registered trainers and holding ISO 9001 and SSIP accreditation among many others it’s easy to see why so many large organisations such as the NHS, Housing associations and McDonalds chose to approach RB Asbestos Consultant to help them identify and manage Asbestos within their buildings.

Sometimes if a building is shared by more than one occupier it can be difficult to be sure who is legally responsible for Asbestos in different areas within the building at RB Asbestos they can help you resolve queries like this and help clear up any confusion so you can be certain that you are acting within the law at all times.

They can also help you to ascertain how much Asbestos is within your building and what type it is and if any Asbestos that is present begins to show signs of becoming a hazard to health, they can also help you manage its safe removal although this isn’t work, they carry out themselves.

So, if you have and concerns about Asbestos at all get in touch get in touch with RB Asbestos Consultants to see how they are able to help you. They are happy to help large organisations nationwide and are also happy to offer a small business and residential service to more local customers within Manchester, Merseyside and the surrounding area, with excellent customer reviews and competitive rates alongside a friendly expert service you can be certain that you won’t be disappointed.