Infrared Thermography on Building Envelopes

Infrared Thermography on Building Envelopes

Infrared Thermography on Building Envelopes

Infrared thermography is diagnostic surveys you can undertake on building envelopes.

APT Sound Testing has been using thermography successfully to examine electrical systems and building envelopes for more than 15 years. What makes it such a versatile diagnostics solution is that it allows for non-destructive testing with a high rate of accuracy. It only takes a matter of hours to perform a thermography building inspection and identify all existing and potential problems with its envelope system and supply a detailed report to the customer.

The aim of the thermal analysis is to help quantify building sustainability and save ongoing building energy costs that are increasing year on year. The thermal imaging survey can help to identify damaged insulation, air leakage paths and HVAC & electrical failures which can lead to heat loss and/or building downtime.

Here at APT we try to be at the forefront of advanced predictive maintenance technologies. That means we have everything it takes to perform thermal imaging inspection latest high-resolution thermal imaging equipment. Its key applications include:

  • clear visualisation and reportage of energy losses
  • examination of thermal bridges in insulation;
  • analysis of HVAC systems
  • checking doors and windows for infiltration/exfiltration issues
  • detection of floor leaks and moisture build-ups
  • detection of flat roof leaks
  • identification of mould growth
  • assessment of the overall building condition

How you can benefit from thermography building inspections?

When used as part of preventative diagnostics, thermal building inspections can be used to detect energy losses in both commercial and industrial buildings as well as existing historical and cultural heritage sites.

You can also use thermographic inspections as part of your refurbishment and redevelopment projects because it allows you to analyse the performance of the existing structure that’s about to be renovated. You can then evaluate the performance of the building insulation etc. and the information can be used in the redesign of the building envelope.

If you’re a building contractors and/or consultant our services will be useful to you. Thermographic inspections for building diagnostics are now part of BREEAM certification requirements. Under the latest edition of the BREEAM Technical Manual (SD5076) it is possible to be awarded a BREEAM credit by conducting a thermographic survey of the building fabric. The BREEAM thermography survey is required to be completed in accordance with MAN 04 Commissioning and handover compliance notes CN3.3 and CN3.4.

Basically the BREEAM thermographic survey is required to confirm:

  • Continuity of insulation in accordance with the construction drawings
  • Avoidance of excessive thermal bridging
  • Avoidance of air leakage paths through the fabric (except through intentional openings)

Any defects identified via the post construction inspection are required to be rectified.

The BREEAM thermal survey needs be undertaken by a UKTA Approved Level 2 thermographic surveyor, all our engineers are trained to Level 2 & 3 so our reports will be acceptable to BREEAM.  

If you are looking commission a thermal imaging survey to secure a BREEAM credit and require estimation on the cost, please contact us on for any questions and/or visit our website on or download our thermal imaging checklist.

A Quality Laundry Service Near You

A Quality Laundry Service Near You

A Quality Laundry Service Near You

Finding the right quality laundry service is important to find when looking for a solution to your chores of washing and drying cleaning your clothing. Laundry is a chore that can be monotonous in your lifestyle, and whether you’ve got a busy schedule or just fancy giving yourself a day off from the laundry, using a laundry service is a must. But what qualities should you look for? At Darras Laundry Company, they have everything you need to suit your laundry and ironing needs. Here are a few reasons why you should choose this laundry company.

Variety Of Services

When it comes to the services that fall under the umbrella of washing and cleaning your clothing, we offer a wide range that will suit every client’s needs, whether it’s a domestic washing and cleaning service or for commercial businesses. There’s a long list that we offer, but there’s a few worth mentioning below:

  • Shirt Laundry & Ironing
  • Bed Linens, Duvets & Pillows
  • Clothing Alterations
  • Dry Cleaning

For businesses, we cover a range of industries from restaurants, beauty spas, caterers, and care homes, to name but a few. There’s nothing worse than having to find multiple suppliers to address all of your needs, regardless of whether it’s a domestic or business service you need. What Darras Laundry Company offers is a whole range of services that can cover all your needs, saving time and effort on your behalf. Not only that, but we do collection and delivery services, which can be essential if you have a busy schedule that can’t fit in collections. A lot of laundry services that are local to you might not have the ability to do deliveries, whereas we can.

A Fast Turnaround Time

We understand that time can be a valuable thing to all of us in life, and when it comes to house chores and tasks that need doing each day, a fast turnaround time on things can certainly help. With a laundry service, there might be deadlines that you need to meet for your business, like event work, for example, or there might be personal life events happening in your home life that require a quick turnaround on dry cleaning a suit or making various alterations to a dress or outfit.

As a laundry service, no matter how big the job, we’ll make sure that we turnaround your clothing or materials in as quickly as possible. Our customers have helped build our services greatly by word of mouth alone. So if you’re looking for a service that isn’t going to waste your time or keep you waiting, we’re certainly the best choice.

The Price

The best things in life are free, right? Well, as much as that might be true, there’s a lot of things in our life that can cost us money. House chores like cleaning and washing clothing can add up in costs, especially when your household grows, and the demand on your washing machine and iron intensifies.

At Darras Laundry Company, we pride ourselves on the affordability that comes with using our services. You can save so much money by using our services over others in the area. We do some great savings options that are priced by the kilo, which makes washing, ironing, or dry cleaning your clothes a lot more affordable for your bank balance. We’re making sure that what we provide reflects the money you pay so that you’re always getting value for money. Using our services is going to be much more valuable in comparison to doing the laundry yourself or having to take it down to your local laundromat. 

Delivery Preferences

Briefly mentioned above, we offer both collection and delivery services. Life can be a little hectic, so having the option of collection or delivery is something that current and regular customers love to have. Delivery services can be essential to businesses that might not have the staffing in place to pick up laundry or the various materials needed. We’ll work around you so that either it’s ready to collect when needed or you can give us a time and a place, and we’ll make sure we’re there.

Choosing a quality laundry service near you is important. It has the ability to enhance your lifestyle to the extent that offloading this chore can be beneficial for those with a busy, household lifestyle. For businesses, quality and time efficiency is key, so choosing Darras Laundry Company for your requirements is certainly the best choice to make when it comes to picking the best.  Contact us today on 01661 820 700 to discuss your commercial or domestic laundry requirments.

Looking for a Tree Surgeon in Northumberland

Looking for a Tree Surgeon in Northumberland

Looking for a Tree Surgeon in Northumberland
If you have problem trees in your garden or other outside areas that you need to have treated, cut back or removed and know that the job is too difficult to carry out yourself you may have considered getting in touch with a professional tree surgeon to carry out the job for you. 

Finding someone reliable that will be able to carry out the job safely and effectively can be difficult, but if you are looking for tree surgeons in Northumberland you should consider getting in touch with Stan Timmins and Sons, who have an excellent reputation for carrying out many types of tree surgery and arboricultural work for both residential and commercial customers.

Looking for a Tree Surgeon in Northumberland

Stan Timmins Tree Surgeons
Having overgrown or diseased trees removed or treated can be a difficult and hazardous job, especially if they are near buildings, power lines or other items that could cause potential problems so making sure that you get someone with the skill and experience to carry out the job properly is a really sensible idea.  At Stan Timmins and Sons they understand the importance of making sure they carry out stringent health and safety precautions at every stage of the job, and that all work complies with current safety standards.  They are also fully insured so you know that you will be totally covered in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

With a wide range of horticultural and arboricultural qualifications gained by every member of the team you can be certain that no matter what problems you may have they will be able to help you solve the issue properly.  With the opportunity to get a free estimate of the job before any work is carried out, they will be able to assess the problem and let you know exactly what needs to be done so you can consider the options before any work is carried out at all.

As one of the more established tree surgeons in Northumberland at Stan Timmins and Sons they have worked within the industry for many years and have excellent past testimonials from previous customers  who have helped them to establish their excellent reputation.  With an eye to detail you can be certain that any job will be carried out to the best possible standard from beginning to end, including the disposal of any waste and with excellent customer service every time you can be certain that you will be left totally happy with any work that you have done.

With all the equipment required to carry out most aspects of outdoor work no matter the size of the job or how complicated it may be Stan Timmins and Sons with be able to help you get things back under control in no time at all.  They will also be able to offer you expert knowledge and guidance regarding future maintenance so you can ensure that the problems will be unlikely to occur again, which may potentially save you a lot of time and money in the future.

With a wide customer base across Northumberland and the North East you can take a look at some of the excellent reviews and testimonials that have been left as well as finding out more about the wide range of professional and fully insured services that they have on offer, so if you really want to make the most of your garden this summer why not get in touch with Stan Timmins and Sons to find out they can help you?

We believe at Stan Timmins Tree Surgeons that we can provide you with the quickest and most accurate tree surgery, to suit whatever work you need done. We offer the advantages listed above and we have had many customers who have praised us and thanked us for our work. You can see these customers at our Testimonials page.

For further information on the range of gardening and tress surgery services available please call 07966 207280 or visit the Stan Timmins Tress Surgery website today.

Welcome to the Fireplace Warehouse

Welcome to the Fireplace Warehouse

Welcome to the Fireplace Warehouse

From gas fires to electric fires; if you are looking for the perfect fireplace for you, you have certainly come to the right place. Here at The Fireplace Warehouse, we have many years of experience in the industry, and we have a huge range of fireplaces for you to choose from. It does not matter where in the UK you are based, we can make sure that you get the fireplace you need for your home. Read on to discover more about the fireplaces we have available and the service that we provide. 

Welcome to the Fireplace Warehouse

At the Fireplace Warehouse, we are one of the UK’s leading stockists of fireplaces, electric fires, gas fires, wood burning stoves, and much more. From contemporary styles to traditional fireplaces; we have something for everyone. We stock products that come from the industry’s leading brands so that you can be certain of supreme levels of quality. 

Choosing a fireplace for your home

There is a lot that needs to be considered when you are choosing a fireplace for your home. You need to think about the style of the fireplace, as well as your budget too. When it comes to the style, this is something that your own personal taste will dictate, and there are certainly a lot of great options on the market today. Nevertheless, you will want to make sure that the fireplace you select fits in with the existing look of your property, so that it does not feel out of place.

In addition to this, you need to consider your main reason for wanting a fireplace to begin with. Are you looking to add a statement piece to your living area, which will turn heads? Perhaps your main objective is heat efficiency? Of course, there is no reason why you cannot have both! However, by understanding your requirements, it will make it a lot easier for you to search for the right fireplace for you. 

You should also make sure you look at the fireplace while the flames are inactive, as well as looking at them while they are on. This will make sure that you look at how the unit looks at all times. You may also want to consider looking at different types of modern fireplaces, for example, there are energy efficient models that are self-modulated and thermostat-controlled. 

You also need to decide between gas and electric fireplaces. If you have a gas fireplace, there are a number of different ways that these fireplaces can be operated. Aside from manual operation, there are thermostats, remote controls, and wall switches. Electric fireplaces can be installed in any part of the property because no venting is needed. You can select from a huge range of styles and sizes, with plenty of different trim options. 

The best prices and great value

One thing you can be sure of when you use our service is that you will always benefit from the best prices in the industry. This is because we promise to price match should you find one of our fireplaces located at a cheaper price elsewhere. Not only this but we have flexible finance deals available too. After all, we know that not everyone can afford to pay for a fireplace outright, and this is why we provide financial solutions that enable you to split the cost of your new fireplace across a period of up to four years. This means that you will be able to pay for your fireplace in small, monthly payments, which are suitable for you. 

Visit one of our showrooms to see our range of fireplaces

If you would like to visit one of our showrooms, you can find us in Stockport, Oldham, Bolton, and Burnley. We’re always happy to show you around and help you find the perfect fireplace for your home. However, if we’re not conveniently located for you, there is no need to worry, as we deliver our fireplaces across the whole of the UK, meaning you will never get left out. 

Contact us today for more information

If you would like to find out more information about any of the fireplaces that we have for sale, or you would like some assistance choosing the perfect fireplace for you, all you need to do is give us a call for more information. The number you need is 01282 832550. Alternatively, you can send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Landlord Services & Boiler Replacement

Landlord Services & Boiler Replacement

Landlord Services & Boiler Replacement

As a landlord, you have the responsibility to ensure that your properties are compliant with health and safety regulations in order to ensure that your tenants are safe and secure. It is now compulsory for a landlord to have a Gas Safety Record, to ensure that all small appliances are safe and to have an EPC rating of E or above. Here are a few of the ways in which we can help to keep you compliant and your tenants safe. 

Landlord Services & Boiler Replacement

Gas Safety Records

In the UK, property landlords are legally required to maintain and repair, if necessary, any gas pipework, flues or appliances in order to keep them in a safe condition for their tenants. A Gas Safety Record is the documentation that records the results of a Gas Safety Check and can only be issued by a Gas Safe engineer.

Within your Gas Safety Record, you should find the name, registration number and signature of the engineer who performed the Gas Safety Check for you, a description (including the location) of all gas appliances, information regarding any defects or action that needs to be taken in order to keep the appliances safe and other information relating to your property such as the address and your name as the landlord. 

PAT Testing

If you, as the landlord, also provide your tenants with any small appliances such as a kettle, washing machine, tumble dryer or fridge, then the law also states that these must be kept in a safe condition for your tenants to use. If a tenant were to harm themselves on an unsafe small appliance then you leave yourself open to being sued. At present, the best way to protect yourself against this issue is to conduct a PAT (Portable Appliance Test) on any small appliances provided to your tenants. Although PAT testing is not required by law, it is considered best practice. 

Although a PAT test does not need to be carried out by a specific engineer, as with the Gas Safety Check, it is still often best to have them conducted by a qualified electrician or someone who is able to more easily see any common small appliance faults. Some things to look out for include any damage to the lead cable, damage to the plug, loose wires or missing screws, signs of the appliance overheating and any problems with the way the appliance is stored, such as in a damp or dusty condition. 

Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Faulty and old wiring is the single biggest cause of fire within the home and so it can be beneficial to have periodic Electrical Installation Condition Inspections conducted in order to find any problems with the wiring and to rectify them before they cause any lasting damage. If you are letting out an older house, then it is especially important to have an Electrical Installation Condition Inspection conducted prior to letting the property out to tenants as many electrical fittings and fixtures have been phased out since the 1960s as they have now been deemed unsafe. Electrical Installation Condition Inspections should be conducted by qualified and registered electricians. 

Boiler Replacements

As of April 2018, it has been illegal for landlords to let out their properties if they have an EPC rating below E. This means that for landlords letting out older properties, many have had to have their boilers replaced and additional insulation installed in order to improve their efficiency rating. By far the most common cause of a poor EPC rating is an inadequate boiler, such as the old fire and back boilers which are no longer made. A new efficient boiler not only helps to raise a property’s Energy Performance Certificate rating but is less likely to break down and will often save tenants money on their heating bills.

How can we help?

Here at Arktek Heating Services, we offer standalone and packaged landlord services to ensure that you are fully compliant and that your tenants are looked after. Whether you are looking for a Gas Safety Check, PAT testing, an Electrical Condition Report or a boiler replacement, we’ve got you covered.

Give us a call on 0191 516 6911 to discuss our landlord property services and we will arrange a convenient time for one of our qualified engineers to attend your property. Having conducted the service or repair, we’ll then let you know that your repair has been successful, giving you the peace of mind that everything has been taken care of as if it were inside your own home. 

Are You Searching For a New Door?

Are You Searching For a New Door?

Are You Searching For a New Door? I Want a Door Are Here To Help

Are you looking for a new door? Whether it’s a composite front door, french patio doors or another type of door, I Want a Door is the first port of call every time. 

Based in the North East, we are one of the largest composite door fabricators in the region offering over 30 styles. This means that not only do we have a large selection of composite doors for you to choose from, but we can work with you to design and create your dream door from scratch.

Are You Searching For a New Door?

However, not only do we offer a wide choice of composite doors. We also offer extremely competitive prices – meaning that you don’t have to break the bank to have a high-quality and secure door for your home. 

A family-run business, we have over 20 years of experience in the industry with an exceptional reputation. Determined to offer every customer an incredible service, we use our experience and skills to stand out amongst our competitors. This experience along with our vast portfolio showcases why we are your first port of call within the GRP Composite Doors industry.

Types of Doors Available 

At I Want a Door, we have doors for every preference and taste. Whether you’re looking for Classic, Contemporary or Cottage styles, we have the door for you. Available in a wide selection of glazing, hardware and colours (both custom and bespoke), you’ll be able to find the perfect door that complements the look and feel of your home. 

Classic Composite Doors

One of the most popular options that we offer are our classic composite doors. Available in a wide range of styles, from traditional six-panelled designs to elegant designs that include glass, our classic styles are bound to impress. Offering an insulated door frame and a weather-protected design, your home will be kept warm throughout the year. 

From the Cape range to the Bannockburn, Altmore, Carradale, Gulmarn, Dovenby, Parama and Craftsman, you’re spoilt for choice. 

Discover our classic composite door collection here

Contemporary Composite Doors

If you’re looking for a sophisticated composite door, then our contemporary collection is perfect for you. Featuring modern glazing panels, they are unlike anything you’ve seen before. With a variety of different panels, from the one to five, you’ll find a contemporary door that you’ll love.

Choose from our various ranges, including the Carnegie, Seagram, Empire, Dakota, Bloomberg, Monza Empire, Monza Bloomberg, Monza Cottage, Monza Olympic and Chrysler.

Discover our contemporary composite door collection here

Cottage Composite Doors

If you’re looking for a more traditional style, then our cottage composite doors are just the ticket. Featuring a traditional grooved and tongue plank, it brings a rustic charm to your home. The majority of our cottage doors also include a unique twist – a glass panel that brings a wonderful amount of natural light into your home. 

Choose from our various ranges including the Farmhouse Empire, Farmhouse Bloomberg, Farmhouse Cottage, Farmhouse Olympic, Cottage Diamond and the extraordinary Stable Door design.

Discover our cottage composite door collection here

uPVC Patio & French Doors

If it’s a back door you’re looking for, then I Want a Door is here to help. French and patio doors are wonderful additions to any home. Making your home feel lighter and more spacious, it’s a great way of bringing the outside in. We offer a wide range of uPVC patio and french doors across our site for you to choose from. 

Available in different styles and colours, you’ll be able to find the best patio and french doors for your home in no time. 

Can’t Find The Right Door For you?

Then why not design it from scratch using our handy online design feature? Choose your composite door style, along with the colour, glass and hardware. 

Additional Glazing Styles and Features

At I Want A Door, we want to give our customers the widest selection of doors possible. Which is why we offer doors with additional features available. For example, did you know that we offer composite doors with a cat flap installed? The perfect solution for those with pets, it means that you don’t have to compromise on style for practicality. 

In terms of glazing styles, we have a multitude to choose from. This makes it easier to design a composite door that matches your unique requirements. 

Creating an unforgettable first impression, we have glassing styles from classic to contemporary. It’s good to know that these also come with an extraordinary 10-year Manufacturers Guarantee. 

Great Value Car & Van Hire

Great Value Car & Van Hire

Great Value Car & Van Hire in Newcastle
If you are looking for reliable and affordable car and van hire in Newcastle you may want to check out some of the great deals available at Metro Rental, with an excellent choice of high-quality vans, cars and minibuses on offer whatever your reason for needed a vehicle you can be sure that they will have something that is ideal for your purposes.

metro rental

With a simple and quick booking process, competitive rates and excellent customer service at Metro Rental you can hire a car with the minimum of fuss all you need to do is provide the relevant documents and payment details, and if you require something a little different from usual such as regular hire terms or to hire a vehicle for a bit longer than you originally thought at Metro Rental they will be more than happy to help as they are committed to offering every customer a flexible service that is completely suited to their needs.

At Metro Rentals every vehicle is fully checked for faults and cleaned before and after it is hired each time, holds all relevant documentation and undergoes regular servicing so you can be sure that any car you hire will be safe, comfortable to drive and totally road legal. They also take every available precaution to protect against insurance fraud and other deception to help keep costs down for all their customers, so you will be able to take advantage of some of the best value prices available on the market for high quality car hire.

Whether you are planning on taking a holiday, travelling for business or need a larger vehicle for a group excursion it’s definitely worth taking a look to see if Metro Rentals are able to help, with flexible terms, high quality vehicles and reasonable rates they are a really good choice if you want great value car hire in Newcastle that you can rely on.

Contact Metro Rental
As specialists within car and van hire Newcastle and the North East, they have a proven track record of providing a first class service to their customers and have the experience and knowledge required to  make sure that they only hire cars of the best possible standard every time.

For more information hiring a car in Newcastle or for touring Northumberland call (0191) 460 33 44 and speak to one of our friendly staff or visit the Metro Vehicle Rental website today. You won’t find a better car hire company anywhere in the North East.

New Window & Conservatory Blinds

New Window & Conservatory Blinds

The Beautiful Blind Company makes made to measure blinds for windows and conservatories. The company is family-run and based in Redcar, producing blinds for customers in Middlesbrough and Teesside. If you need blinds for your home or business, The Beautiful Blind Company will make bespoke blinds that are designed to be an exact fit for your needs.

In addition to creating blinds for standard windows, the company specialises in conservatory blinds is recommended as a conservatory blind installer by many conservatory companies in the North East region.

The Beautiful Blind Company aims to offer you a simple service with no hidden fees or gimmicks. When you order new blinds, they will measure, price, manufacture, and fit them to give you what you need.

Beautiful Window Blinds

The Beautiful Blind Company offers a choice of window blind styles made to measure for your windows. The available styles include Venetian blinds, Perfect Fit blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, and vertical blinds.

  • Venetian blinds are a classic slatted style that can be adjusted to let in different levels of light. The Beautiful Blinds Company has a choice of stunning options for Venetian blinds, including Timberlux blinds, Sunwood, Excel Wood blinds, and aluminium Venetian blinds.
  • Perfect Fit blinds are designed to fit to windows with no need for screws or drilling into frames. As the name suggests, they are made to provide the perfect fit, and they are available in different styles, such as roller blinds and Venetian blinds. They also come in blackout style, making them ideal for bedrooms.
  • Roller blinds are available in a wide choice of colours and fabrics, offering a range of finishes to suit any interiors. They include blackout roller blinds and thermal roller blinds to help you control light and temperature.
  • Roman blinds are another excellent choice for your window coverings. They can be made with thermal or blackout fabric and are available in many different materials and colours to match your needs.
  • For those who want to open their blinds horizontally, vertical blinds are also available. They are ideal not just for windows but also for glass doors. The slats allow for light control, and they are available in a range of colours and fabrics.

Conservatory Blinds for the Home

The Beautiful Blind Company also specialises in conservatory blinds. These include roof blinds and orangery blinds. Installing conservatory blinds ensures you are able to use your conservatory all year and stay comfortable at all times. Conservatory blinds are available in a range of styles, including roller blinds, pleated blinds, vertical blinds, Perfect Fit blinds, and Roman blinds, as well as plantation shutters.

Customers can benefit from a free consultation and free measuring services for their blinds from The Beautiful Blind Company. You will receive a clear price for your blinds with no hidden costs, so you will know precisely what you will pay. All blinds are made in the UK to fit your measurements and provide a bespoke product and service. Contact “The Beautiful Blind Company” today on 01642 688 090 to find out more.

Electrical Appliances of Newcastle

Heslop Electrical Appliances of Newcastle
At Heslop Electrical Appliances they offer a really good range of home electrical appliances and offer one of the most reliable home delivery services available in Newcastle and North East so if you are planning of buying something for your home soon you may want to take a look at the great range of products that they have in stock.  With delivery and installation available on most items within seven days at Heslop Electrical Appliances they aim to ensure that every customer is left totally satisfied with their purchase and they will even take you old item away for you as well.

With many products on offer including cookers, dishwashers, fridges and freezers, washing machines and tumbles dryers as well as a range of smaller appliances including vacuum cleaners from top quality suppliers including Bosch, Hotpoint and Indesit you can be sure to find everything you need for your home and with many integrated appliances available as well you will have plenty of choice if your kitchen is fully fitted.  Whether you are looking for something to cope with the demands of a busy family or the perfect appliances to complement a designer home you can be certain that at Heslop Electrical Appliances you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Many items come with a full warranty and any installation work is carried out by a member of their fully trained professional insulation team so you can be certain that any product that you buy will meet all required safety requirements and any work carried out will meet the highest possible industry standards.  As part of their focus on customer care you can be sure that any installers that visit your home will be polite and friendly and cause the minimum of disruption, and if you do have any problems they will do everything they can to put things right.

At Heslop Appliances they want to be sure that you are completely happy with any purchase you might make and offer excellent customer service at every stage, so if you need any help or advice about what products might be best for you they will be happy to answer any questions that you may have to help you make the right decision.  With a genuine commitment to offering great value to all their customers at Heslop Electrical Appliances they aim to offer high quality products and excellent service for the best possible price so all their stock is constantly reviewed to ensure it includes some of the highest performing and efficient models available.

If you are looking to replace some of your home appliances and want to be sure that you something that you are truly pleased with take a look at what is available at Heslop Electrical Appliances. 

With over twenty years-experience in the supply and installation of electrical goods, including brands such as Fagor, Candy, Baumatic and built-in appliances, you can be certain we have the knowledge to advise you to the best appliance for your needs.

The Heslop appliances store can be found close to the city centre of Newcastle and we with seven days a week delivery available on all electrical stock, the brands we supply include Bosch, Hotpoint, Indesit, Candy, Hoover, Zanussi, Aeg, Flavel, Beko, Ignis, Whirlpool, Daewoo, Fridgemaster, and Gorenje.

Stocking a diverse and comprehensive range of white electrical goods, kitchen appliances and domestic appliances – all available at discount prices, we boast an exceptional range of discount built in ovens and cookers, microwaves, electric hobs, extractor hoods, refrigerators, washing machines, washer dryer, dishwasher, and vacuum cleaners.

Reliability, product knowledge and excellent back up service ensure our customers keep coming back – some have been using us for many years, with much of our business being repeat business with many of our clients ordering new appliances time and time again. Enquiries are welcome and free impartial advice is given. If you are looking for a good old fashioned service at a great price then call us now on 0191 2634296 or visit the Heslop Electrical Appliances website for further information and details of the stock we have.

Tork Washroom Wipes and Dispensers

Tork Washroom Wipes and Dispensers
Offering a wide range of products, Tork ensures you can keep washrooms clean and hygienic, whilst also reducing maintenance costs. With options to suit high-traffic areas, workplaces and luxury bathrooms, our range of washroom wipes and dispensers provides everything you need.

Tork Washroom Wipes and Dispensers

Washroom Dispensers
Designed to offer seamless functionality, our range of washroom dispenser is perfect for handwash and soap, wipes, paper towels and even air freshener. As well as providing an easy and effortless dispensing action, all of our products are optimised to deliver sustainable and low-cost maintenance options.

The Tork Twin Mid Size Toilet Roll Dispenser, Tork Jumbo Toilet Rolls Dispenser T1 and Tork Folded Tissue T3 are well-suited to high traffic areas, for example. Furthermore, each design is created to minimise excess usage.

The stub roll feature of the Tork Jumbo Toilet Rolls Dispenser T1 ensures paper is always available, whilst optimal roll brake prevents paper from littering the floor. The slim capacity of the Tork Folded Tissue T3 means it can be used everywhere, while the one-at-a-time dispensing mechanism can reduce consumption by up to 30% when compared to conventional options.

When it comes to paper towel dispensers, the Tork range offers a suitable option for every washroom. To discover the range in more detail, simply visit Whether you’re looking for simplicity and ease of use or ultra-hygienic options, we have the perfect product to meet your needs.

The Tork Centrepull Paper Roll Towel Dispenser is user-friendly and minimises usage, whilst still giving users the freedom to take as much as they need. Alternatively, the Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser enhances washroom hygiene by enabling users to only touch the paper they will use. For an even more advanced solution, Tork Matic (Elevation) Hand Towel Roll Sensor Dispenser uses the latest technology to ensures users can access paper towels without touching the dispenser.

Combined with our reliable handwash dispensers, such as the Tork Dispenser Soap Liquid Dispenser, you’ll find it easy to choose the perfect selection of dispensers for your washrooms.

Washroom Wipes
To keep your dispensers working perfectly, you’ll want to ensure they’re stocked with great quality wipes. At Tork, we’re committed to providing a cost-effective selection of washroom wipes and consumables. Suitable for every environment, we offer a range of wipes to suit all types of dispensers.

The Tork Wiping Paper Plus combi rolls is a multi-purpose option which is ideal for hand drying and mopping up spills. Available in 2-ply, the blue version is approved for food contact, whilst the white is ideal for washrooms and other areas.

Alternatively, Tork Matic® hand towel rolls work effortless with our dispensers and offer a QuickDry feature for easy handwashing. In environments where running water may not be readily accessible, the Tork hand cleaning wet wipes provide a quick, professional and hygienic solution.

Whether you’re looking for centre feed toilet rolls, interfold hand towels or durable wiping paper, we’ve got the ultimate selection of washroom wipes. To find out more, get in touch with Tork Products and Washroom Supplies today on 0191 4108668.