Is your Heating Boiler Ready for the Coming Winter

Is your Heating Boiler Ready for the Coming Winter
As the colder weather begins to approach you may want to consider getting a new central heating system installed ready for the winter especially if your has had a lot of wear and tear or is old and outdated. As the temperature starts to drop and places more pressure on your central heating you may find that it becomes unreliable, that your bills start to soar or that it simply can’t cope and breaks down completely so replacing it before the worst happens can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Heating Boiler Ready for the Winter?

With many new central heating boilers in stock, all from carefully selected and well recognised manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch Group, you can be certain that any boiler you purchase from Arktek will be produced to the highest possible standards and meet all UK safety regulations. With many models offering the latest energy saving technology you can be confident that your new boiler will be an excellent long term investment in your home by providing you with reduced energy bills, a lower carbon footprint and helping to add value to your property as well.

You can also be sure that you will be able to take advantage of Arktek’s excellent aftercare service as all items come with a full warranty, including regular servicing for the duration of this so you can be sure that you will be well looked after. With credit options available and many great value boilers on offer you might find that with Arktek making sure your family keep warm this winter is far more affordable that you may first think, especially if you won’t need to worry about paying for repairs or other services for the length of your guarantee and are able to lower your heating costs as well.

So if you are worried that your boiler may not be able to withstand the demands of another cold winter why not get in touch with Arktek Heating Services to find out more about the new heating boilers and installation services they are able to offer? For further information about the range of replacement gas boilers available from Arktek Heating Services, please call 0191 516 6911 or visit our heating & plumbing services website. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Benefits of Buying Composite Doors

Benefits of Buying Composite Doors
If you have been considering upgrading your front door to help protect against the elements this winter and to give the appearance of your property a boost finding out more about the benefits of composite doors could be a really good idea.  Not only are they available in a range of designs to help complement any property, they are also tough, durable and extremely secure so you can be certain that your home will stay safe and warm for many years to come.

Buying Composite DoorsIf you are based in Newcastle or the North East you may want to consider taking a visit to Sekura Windows to find out more about the wide range of options available to you when choosing the best composite door for your property.

Composite doors are made of a combination of modern materials to ensure that they can offer the best all round protection from the elements as well as the highest possible level of security and fire resistance as well.  Complete with fully fitting locking systems that are recommended by the police and other top security bodies, and additional extras such as spy holes and chains a good quality composite door will offer you and your family excellent protection from intruders.  With a well fitted frame and additional draught protection built in no matter how windy it may be your composite door will be able to keep draughts and chills to an absolute minimum.

At Sekura Windows they are able to offer an excellent variety of composite door designs and with the option to add your own choice of features such as colour, type of glass and the accessories you wish to add you will be able to have a top quality door that reflects your own individual sense of style in no time at all.

With a friendly and helpful sales team available at their showroom and a well designed catalogue on offer so you can take a browse through the design choices and get some inspiration at Sekura Windows they aim to make sure that every product they manufacture is exactly to the customers specifications so you can be certain you will be pleased with any composite door that you may decide to purchase from them.

With an onsite manufacturing plant at Sekura Window Centre they are able to ensure the quality and workmanship of every product they supply so you can be certain that conservatory or UPVC windows or doors you purchase will be created to the best possible standard and meet all safety standards.  All staff are fully trained in their role and always use the highest standards of materials and tools for any products they create so you can be certain that anything you purchase will be produced to the highest possible standards of workmanship.

So are you are looking for top quality conservatories, UPVC windows and doors throughout Newcastle and the North East? To find out more about what is on offer at the Sekura Window Centre, where they will be certain to be able to help you find the perfect design for you home, call them today on 0191 214 66 44 or visit the Sekura Windows website.