Young Homeowners Lead The Way With DIY

Young Homeowners Lead The Way With DIY, Survey Shows. A new survey has revealed over two-thirds (68%) of UK homeowners […]

Posted on Dec 08, 2021
Young Homeowners Lead The Way With DIY

Young Homeowners Lead The Way With DIY, Survey Shows.
A new survey has revealed over two-thirds (68%) of UK homeowners are choosing to complete a variety of home improvement tasks themselves, rather than outsourcing them to a third party, with younger generations taking up the mantle of the DIY nation.

>>> The DIY Fulfilment Survey by Blinds Direct found 83.9% of respondents over the age of 45 remain confident in doing DIY installations themselves, be it building shelves or fitting blinds

>>> The survey also found that 58% of 18–24-year-olds are equally keen to update their homes’ decor themselves, ensuring the UK remains a nation of DIY enthusiasts

>>> Furthermore, with 21% of people preferring their living space more now compared to a year ago, the work we put into our homes is making us a happier nation

The DIY Fulfilment Survey, conducted by Blinds Direct, looks at the nation’s attitudes towards common DIY tasks and our home décor habits, including which tasks we find most satisfying to do ourselves, how often we update our interiors, and what our homes mean to us.

Smaller DIY tasks including building shelves and fitting blinds remain popular with all generations across the UK. Moreover, a significant majority are also confident enough to construct their own furniture with 89.4% of people older than 45 reporting they would do it themselves, and 76.8% of people 18-44 also willing to give it a go.

Beyond the benefits of avoiding long waiting times and greater costs, those taking on DIY tasks themselves reported increased feelings of fulfillment and pride in taking on challenges in the home. For example, the survey showed that 50% of Gen Z homeowners saw their confidence in DIY improve substantially after successfully completing their first job. Additionally, 40% of Gen Z and Millennial homeowners reported they felt the greatest sense of achievement from smaller DIY fixes such as repairing a broken pipe.

Being happy with the look and feel of our homes is essential, and a significant number of respondents consider being happy with their home décor as a key factor in helping them maintain a positive mood overall. Combining the fulfillment of completing a task yourself with enjoying your dream interior, therefore, is clearly a recipe for improved happiness.

The survey also suggested that homeowners who regularly update their décor were more likely to have seen an increase in living space satisfaction.

Darren Green, Managing Director at Blinds Direct, commented, “It’s encouraging to see so many homeowners, and especially younger people, happier with their homes now than they were a year ago.

“It’s also heartening that we’re becoming increasingly confident in taking on the challenge of keeping our homes beautiful ourselves. Whether it’s fitting a wooden blind, painting a wall or building a new desk, we are becoming increasingly confident in our own abilities and the positive effect it has on our happiness reinforces the importance of doing things independently.”

Source: Insight DIY