Searching for Electric Fires for The Home

Searching for Electric Fires for The Home.   An electric fire could be the perfect addition to your home. When searching […]

Posted on Oct 22, 2020
Electric Fires for The Home

Searching for Electric Fires for The Home.  
An electric fire could be the perfect addition to your home. When searching for electric fires, there can be many factors to consider. This brief guide offers some information on what to look for when choosing an electric fire.

Why buy an electric fire?
Electric fires can help to provide the warmth and ambience of a real fire without any of the drawbacks that come with a real fireplace. Installing an electric fireplace is a lot easier and less costly than installing a real one and you have much more flexibility as to where to put it because there’s no need for a chimney. Electric fires also don’t require the extensive level of maintenance that comes with a real fire. On top of this, they’re much safer than lighting a real fire in your home.

Searching for Electric Fires for The Home

Types of electric fire
Electric fires come in various shapes and forms. Some of the different types of electric fire include:

> Inset electric fires: If you already have an inlet leftover from a traditional fireplace, an inlet electric fire could be the best option. This is designed to sit inside a cavity. It could be a way of putting an original fireplace to use without actually having to light a fire.

> Wall-mounted electric fires: Wall-mounted electric fires hang on a wall just like a picture. They are often the most affordable and versatile option, although not always the most realistic.

> Free-standing electric fires: Free-standing electric fires are encased in a container and are usually fixed to a wall. Many free-standing electric fires are able to create the illusion that they are inside the wall without having to actually create a recess within the wall.

> Electric stoves: These electric fires are designed to imitate traditional wood burning stoves (ideal for creating a cosy log cabin feel). They’re usually free-standing units that don’t have to be attached to a wall – they can be placed in the corner of a room or inside the recess of an original fireplace.

Choosing your style
Once you’ve established the type of electric fireplace, it’s worth considering the type of style you’re looking for. Ideally, you want something that matches the surrounding décor of your home.

If you have an older property, you might want to choose an electric fire that has a realistic flame and traditional stone appearance to help add an authentic feel. Contrastingly, if your home is very modern in design, you might want to choose something shinier and more abstract that may simply aim to imitate the warm glow of a real fireplace.

Some people add multiple electric fires throughout their home. You may find that certain styles are more suited to specific rooms.

Explore our brands
At the Fireplace Warehouse, we sell a range of styles for every home. Some of the brands that we stock include Dimplex, Evonics, Gazco and Flamerite. By taking the time to browse our selection, we’re certain that you’ll find the perfect electric fireplace for your home.

The best prices and great value
One thing you can be sure of when you use our service is that you will always benefit from the best prices in the industry. This is because we promise to price match should you find one of our fireplaces located at a cheaper price elsewhere. Not only this but we have flexible finance deals available too.

After all, we know that not everyone can afford to pay for a fireplace outright, and this is why we provide financial solutions that enable you to split the cost of your new fireplace across a period of up to four years. This means that you will be able to pay for your fireplace in small, monthly payments, which are suitable for you.

Visit one of our showrooms to see our range of fireplaces
If you would like to visit one of our showrooms, you can find us in Stockport, Oldham, Bolton, and Burnley. We’re always happy to show you around and help you find the perfect fireplace for your home. However, if we’re not conveniently located for you, there is no need to worry, as we deliver our fireplaces across the whole of the UK, meaning you will never get left out.

Contact the Fireplace Warehouse today
If you would like to find out more information about any of the fireplaces that we have for sale, or you would like some assistance choosing the perfect fireplace for you, all you need to do is give us a call for more information. The number you need is 01282 832550.